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Paul Babar Landing page

15 Jan 24

Paul Babar Landing page

Welcome to the world of 2 Digit Innovations, we are the best software service company in the UK. 

Today I am introducing you to a new product which is just a website for our client. Named as

The Client wants to develop a straightforward Single page website. To showcase its app.

  • So let’s check the website.

  • The client wants us to focus on the features of the app.

  • In the beginning, we had the hero section where we added the download button when we click on it we will be redirected to the app link.[]

  • We have added a very nice textured background that appeals to the attention of the user.

  • Then we have a section about the app where we show detail of our app

  • In this section at the bottom of the UI image, we have added a little shadow effect with an oval shape to give the effect that the phone is Floating on it.

  • Then we have the app feature section where the feature of the app is displayed.

  • In this section we have used the Icons and our UI designer uses a good texture background with the black icons which looks very eye catchy.

  • Then we share the design of the app's UI for a better understanding of the app. 

  • Then we have the footer of the landing page.

  • This is a mobile responsive design.

  • This is the Mobile-first approach we have create this website for the mobile user also so they can have a good interaction with this website.

This is a website, that is made in ReactJS /NextJs and Tailwind CSS  by 2digitinnovations a software development company in the UK.

This website is hosted on

 If you want to make such a website please call us or fill out our inquiry form.

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