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I7 Digital marketing

15 Jan 24

I7 Digital marketing

Welcome to 2 Digit Innovations a software development company, Living Innovations in software solutions.

Today I am introducing you to a new product which is just a website for our client. Named as this is a sister company of

The Client wants to develop a multilingual website. To grow its business in the UK, the Client wants a digital marketing website.

  • So let’s check the website.

  • The client wants us focus on the graphical images and graphs so that it appeals to the attention of the user who visits the website.

  • We have added some of the little little elements and images for making the Ui more interactive.

  • We also displays the awards and achievements to showcase the user.

  • And in the website we have added one section of trusted client. 

  • Then as the requirement we added the service section.

  • Then we are having Footer 

  • We have more pages like about page 

  • Then We have Blog page.

  • Then we have the service page to showcase the services provided.

  • Then we have the Contact page.

  • This is also a SEO friendly website.

  • This is a mobile responsive design created for the users to interact with the website.

This website is  crafted using ReactJS /NextJs and Tailwind CSS by the skilled team at 2 Digit Innovations, a leading software development company 

This website is hosted on

If you're interested in creating a similar website, we encourage you to get in touch with us. And fill our enquiry form.

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