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Byzantine Website

15 Jan 24

Byzantine Website

Welcome to 2 Digit Innovations, Living Innovations in software solutions. 

Today I am introducing you to a new product which is just a simple one page website for our UK-based client. Named as

The Client is a wholesaler of the finest non-alcoholic drinks and juices in the United Kingdom. The client wants a very simple Single-page website for his business.

So let’s check the website.

This is our home page hero section

This is our product.

This is About us 

This s testimonial 

This is the "Why choose us" section,

This is the "Contact Us" section,

This is the "enquiry form" section,

You can go to any menu just by clicking on the top menu.

This is a very simple and one-page website (SPA). This is made in NextJs and tailwind CSS. If you want to make such a website please call us or fill our enquiry form.

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