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15 Jan 24


Welcome to the world of 2 Digit Innovations, we are the best software service company in the UK. 

Today I am introducing you to a new product which is just a website for our client. Named as

The Client has the vision to protect people from not taking the allergic product to their food. Because There is no cure for food allergies. The client wants a website and mobile for his idea

So let’s have a look at the main features of our website.

After the Log in You can go to the account section where You can add Members of Your family.

You can select from which food you are allergic Like egg fish after that you need to click apply.

After that you can search the product filter results will be displayed to you if you want to Expand your search 

The result will display the danger icon which indicates the food you are phasing allergy is present in that food.

The recipe has ingredients matching your food settings.  The message will be displayed 

This means this food item has something allergic content in the food. 

Hence the user will know which food item is good for him.

This is a website. Which is made in Angular and NodeJs Backend (MEAN Stack). If you want to make such a website please call us or fill out our inquiry form.